Wed, October.05, 2022
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Wed, October.05, 2022
所有文章分類 » 自由談 » Happy New Year. Wish you a Big prosperous 2011, Da Fa Chai.
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Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2011 4:27 AM
Subject: Re: 新年快樂 ! Happy New Year !!!

Old Gee,
Happy New Year.  Wish you a Big prosperous 2011, Da Fa Chai.
I like to express my personal gratitude to your contributions to the classmates.  I would have written it in Chinese, except that it will take me the rest of the day trying.  So bear it with me.  Our group is better connected and better funded than ever, thanks to you.  
You have built a vast collection of photos from our college days that I am often afraid to view them.  The memory is excellent; but the contrast is too much to bear.  I weighed 50 kg during those innocent days and now it is a good day if the scale says 75.  You are a cruel man. 
Nowadays, I prefer taking pictures from a distance (over 100 yards) or with a group of no less than 100 people.    The on-your-face shots ought to be legally banned from our website.  I am proposing it.  What's wrong with more scenery pictures in the web? 
You have raised a fortune on the classmate fund.  It is a monumental effort and an excellent idea, I must say.  Not only because I visit Taiwan regularly and have been the biggest beneficiary of your subsidy program, "rice worm" - some would say, but also the fund have given me hope. I am talking our loud about my own retirement fund.  If our classmates can be so passionate about each other, then maybe they will be generous to the Wang Sheng-Chieh Retirement Fund as well.  Can I solicit donations on our website about this worthy cause?  I only need a small space on the web, I promise. 
Thanks for everything, Old Gee.  As always, you are one in a million.  You are the man.  I raise my hat to you, pal.
Wang Sheng-Chieh 

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Subject: 新年快樂 ! Happy New Year !!!
Date: Thursday, December 30, 2010, 11:51 PM
老紀,新年快樂。祝你有一個大繁榮的2011年,大發仔。我想表達我個人的感謝你的貢獻給同學。我會寫它在中國,除了它會佔據我的休息的一天嘗試。所以,忍受了我。我們的同學是更好的聯絡和更好的尋找比以往任何時候都方便,感謝你。您已建立了一個廣闊的收集的照片從我們大學時代,我常常害怕查看。內容是優秀的,但反差太大負擔。我的體重 50公斤在那些無辜的日子,現在它是一個很好的一天,如果說 75公斤的規模。你是一個殘忍的人。現在,我更喜歡從遠處拍照(超過 100碼)或一組不低於 100人。對你面前的鏡頭應該是法律禁止的網站。我建議它。出了什麼問題更風光圖片在網頁?你提出建立一個發財的同學基金。這是一個巨大的努力,一個絕妙的主意,我必須說。這不僅是因為我經常訪問台灣,並一直是最大的受益者你補貼方案,“ 米蟲“--有些人會說,但該基金也給了我希望。我說我們大聲對我自己的一項退休基金。如果我們的同學可以這麼熱愛對方,那麼也許他們會慷慨地對待王聖傑,以及一項退休基金。我可以募捐我們網站的關於這項有意義的事業?我只需要一個小的空間在網上,我保證。謝謝你們的幫助,老紀。一如往常,你是一個在一百萬元。你是男人。我提出我的帽子給你,伙計(朋友)。王聖傑
暱稱 :王聖傑
文章日期:01/05/2011 07:39
暱稱 : 吳權能
文章日期 : 01/05/2011 15:53
暱稱 : Tim Hou
文章日期 : 01/06/2011 12:25
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From: Tim Hou
Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2011 12:22 PM
Subject: Re: [NCCU_BA75] Re: 新年快樂 ! Happy New Year !!!

Dear George,
You should have confidence about your appearance. Currently you look more like a 員外. It is better than a poor student. Take more on-your-face shots and post them on youtube. You may get a lot of 粉絲.

暱稱 : 紀秋銓
文章日期 : 01/08/2011 21:20

代表團隊向你說聲 謝謝 , Thank you. 

紀秋銓 敬上 2011.01.08.

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