Wed, October.05, 2022
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Wed, October.05, 2022
所有文章分類 » 自由談 » 侯天雄同學回國 in Nov.2010--歡迎國外同學回國聚會聚餐.
We will meet you in Nov.2010 in Taipei for talking & Dinner/Lunch.
Hope you can receive our kindly Invitation. pleae tell me your date.
Some classmates will meet you for Dinner/Lunch.
best regards  紀秋銓  敬上  2010.10.17.

暱稱 :紀秋銓
文章日期:10/18/2010 11:35
暱稱 : 紀秋銓
文章日期 : 10/18/2010 21:48
 吳孟雄於今晚 8:30左右回美國往桃園機場路中打電話給我. 為何最後一刻時通知我們 ?  吳孟雄說"聽說與老紀會面需穿西裝" ?
Smiling ! please look www.10` 老紀的照片很少穿西裝., 其實老紀最不喜歡穿西裝 , 愛穿 BURBERRY 夾克 , 尤其是白色..商務旅遊 Too.

暱稱 : 侯天雄
文章日期 : 10/19/2010 07:41
Dear Mr. 紀,
Thank you for your invitation. Because my vacation is very short and I also need to take care of some personal staffs, I can not visit you this time.
Thank you again for your kindly invitation.

暱稱 : 紀秋銓
文章日期 : 10/19/2010 12:36
 To meet 大家 and for dinner / lunch togather , including Mr.Chi Only.


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