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Thu, December.01, 2022
所有文章分類 » 自由談 » 張炳基 回國 in Sept 13-18 2010
    This is Cheung Ping Kay I need you help, I will come back Taipei in Sept 13-18 2010 to join the Leadship Seminor, After the Seminor I want to meet our Alummi ,and visit our school , Becasue I have not seen my school  and our Alumni 34 years. My wife she is busy , she will stay at Toronto .and can not come with me.
暱稱 :張炳基
文章日期:08/05/2010 06:54
暱稱 : 紀秋銓
文章日期 : 08/05/2010 07:06
張炳基 = Anthony Cheung
   Untill today  I know your e-mail.  thank you.
   You will be in Taipei from Sept.13 to 18 , Can you tell me
   which day you want to meet our classmate at night for
   dinner in Taipei ? welcome to meet each other .
  紀秋銓  敬上  2010.08.05.

  ps: 回政大校園 to take some pictures , can I be with you ?

暱稱 : 張炳基/紀秋銓
文章日期 : 08/09/2010 10:17
   1)I suggest that you will meet classmates & eat dinner at friday night after working it is good for any classmate.
       do not meet & eat dinner at weeken & sunday. all are relax time.
   2)I have not car & can not drive car , sorry  Not service for you. you can take taxi or by car to go to your Hotel.
      I have not your data & information to order Hotel for you , please order Hotel  ---
     our restaurant near  兄弟大飯店 , our restaurant  茂園餐廳 長安東路二段185號 (02) 2752-8587
 3)So please tell me which day is nice for you and us ?
 4)Your Home phone 416 321 3671  at Hong Kong or Canada ? Cell phone 647 686 3671 at Hong Kong or Canada ?
best regards  紀秋銓  敬上  2010.08.09.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, August 08, 2010 5:19 PM
Subject: Re: 張炳基 回國 in Sept 13-18 2010

   If I come back Taipie at Setp 12 2010 one day early. Can you pick up me at airport and arrange Hotil for me . If we have more  time we go back school and meet our classmate at night for dinner. My

暱稱 : 張炳基/紀秋銓
文章日期 : 08/10/2010 20:20
    I send my schedule for you ,let you know Sept 13 14 17 , three days I  stay in Taipei,and where I live , Can you give me the Loong Bon Hotel Phone NO: or Email for for me .let me
make a booking and then I stay longer.or come early. Thanks
    *Hotel  website :  龍邦僑園會館   住址:112 台北市北投區泉源路 25 號 電話:(02)2893 - 9922 傳真:(02)2897 - 8355
      You use Hotel website's 線上訂房 for your room & date.
   *To meet and to eat dinner in Sept.17.2010 that is nice for our classmates and you.
   Welcome come back !!!
   best regards  紀秋銓  敬上  2010.08.10.

   ps:when you will be in Taipei , pls call me mobil: 0935 692 950 

暱稱 : 張炳基
文章日期 : 08/10/2010 21:43
    Sept 17 see you in Taipei , Thanks for you information.

暱稱 : 紀秋銓
文章日期 : 09/09/2010 12:57
Place: 茂園餐廳 長安東路二段185號  2F (02) 2752-8587 
Time :  Sept.17. 18:30pm ( 星期五) 2010 .
歡迎張炳基同學 --- 久未建面 Come back.

暱稱 : lee wen_chang
文章日期 : 09/09/2010 16:41
i will be back sep 15.. just for you and  the dinner.... to show u the full support...  hope i can order some dishes that i like..
wen chang

ps:Not yet to order detail foods for all classmates , but Mr.Chi will take Good wine.

暱稱 : 李文章
文章日期 : 09/16/2010 09:55
dear mr ji,
i am back to taipei now.....
my pretty wife insists to come along as she knows the food is very very good.....hope u can put a chair for her..
talk to u tomorrow..
wen chang

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