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Mon, August.15, 2022
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--- 09/6/7 (日),lee wen_chang <> 寫道:

寄件者: lee wen_chang <>
主旨: reunion year 2010
日期: 2009年6月7日,日,上午8:42

pls kindly send out this mail to all as my mail box not allow me to send mail over 50 people..
dear all,
life is short..too many unexpected..
i amd retired  and may not have much money as most of you people.. but i am quite happy and enjoying every minute of my remaing life..

since there are direct flight to shanghai ( from songsan airport) + direct flight back from ningbo/hongcho
with flight time less than 2 hours,
therefore i would like to propose 25th reunion in a larger scalel.. and weclome any comment if any..
( 30th reunion should be in held in la..  35th reunion will be held in london.)
pls bring ur spouse + children...( may be another match making chance for our brilliant kids)
1. to shanghai see expo 2010. ( 5/1- 10/31). believe majority of u people already have plan to see this fair.
7 days 6 nights.. people can stay longer after the trip if they like  
cost  : should be around nt$20,000 including air ticket + 5 star hotels + all meals (packaged tour)
time :  9/26-10/2   ( closer to fall.. the weather will be more comfortable to travel and less people to see the expo )
understand class a+ b may be too many people.. and may need to split to 2 group.. so can split to 2 group if necessary..
place to see:  china eastern part . initial plan:
shanghai city
expo 2010                       3 days
wuxi , suchiao                  1    day
west lake ( hong cho city)  1    day
hungsan                           1     day
ninhbo city                       1     day
hongchou bay bridge
return from either hongcho or ningbo city..
suggest all people still working plan their annual leave ahead.... 
never too early to plan ahead..
i am going back to shanghai/ningbo wednesday... looking forward to next year end gathering in kaoshung..

wen chang
tel shanghai 1350 1928 657
tel taipei      2632 0214
skype          wjlee2007
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文章日期:09/29/2009 10:24
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